About Idawg Enterprises

Idawg Enterprises LLC was founded in 2000 by its president, Michael Williams.

The company is parent to Mountain Grove Web and PugPC, arms under the direction of Michael. It oversees all computer-related work done throughout the company, including  For-profit and Non-profit work.

Idawg is currently supplying its knowledge and capabilities to individuals, small businesses, corporations and non-profits for each to have efficient computer systems, trained employees / volunteers, easy-to-navigate websites, informative and conversational forums / social networking sites, and repair services, to name a few.

Committed to the community, and country, in which he lives and works, Michael supports many non-profit organizations, including his political, animal, religious and environmental activism. Through Idawg, the organizations receive pro bono support from Michael, and experience greater exposure for their messages and future goals.

Headquartered in Mountain Grove, Missouri, Idawg serves clients in North America, Europe and Australia. In addition to normal services Idawg provides, Michael also conducts in-person training, telephone consultations, and regular and emergency services. Pick-up, drop-off and shipping methods are available.